Rocks and Minerals


When we were high school freshmen in PSHS-IRC, our Earth Science teacher made us do a music video about Rocks and Minerals, since that was the quarter topic. This video was done by one group in our class. I think it would be appropriate to say now that I was not a member of that group.

I like listening to my friend Phoebe’s voice so I watch it every now and then. Like today, I was watching it and my cousin watched alongside me, and now she can’t get the song out of her head — a little something something more commonly known as LSS (Last Song Syndrome).

I decided to put this here because… well, I really don’t know. I just felt like it. So what are you waiting for? Watch it now!



See You Soon!

\\TOPIC FIVE: VALEDICTORY. This one was near graduation, and we all realized that it was finally time to say good bye. I think we were all crying while writing our Notes for this one. But as you read, you’ll notice that I’m not ready yet. Instead, I picked something a bit more temporary. Hope y’all like it!\\

Goodbye. Like its counterpart, hello, it has different meanings for different occasions. It can mean something temporary, like ‘Bye, see you soon’ or something permanent, ‘Goodbye. I will never see you again.’ Sometimes, it’s also confusing for everyone, mainly because they can’t distinguish whether they’re getting the former or the latter.

Saying goodbye to people I’ve considered family for four years is bound to be painful. We’ve been through thick and thin together. They saw me through my best and through my worst, and they weren’t there to judge. They were behind me through it all—supporting me, saying encouraging words, working their damndest to keep me from falling, and helping me get up when I do.

Now that graduation is near, goodbyes are inevitable, seeing as each of us now has to go down our own path, and it is unavoidable that all of us have different paths. After all, if you force someone to do something he is not passionate about, someone is bound to get hurt. I will never forget you guys, and I’ll always carry a part of you guys in my heart, forever! <3

After four years of experiencing ups and downs together, I really believe that all of us are ready for the real world. We, dear batchmates, are ready to take the world by storm, and prove how the cream of the cream of the cream of the crop will excel in any field they choose!

To the underclassmen, another batch of your ates and kuyas will be leaving. Rest assured, we will miss you guys. You’ve been a part of our Pisay experience, and I’m glad that we got to spend part of it with you.

But, one thing’s for sure. Saying goodbye need not be final, even after death. We’ll still find each other in the depths of our hearts, in our thoughts, and in our memories. Who knows, we might see one another in the most random places—a comfort room, a shopping store, the road, a jeep—the odds are endless.

So, au revoir for now. See you soon!


\\TOPIC FOUR: CEMENT. This one boggled our minds, really. I decided to dedicate mine to my beloved batchmates, PSHS-IRC Batch 2011. Even though we have only known each other for four years, we already consider ourselves brothers and sisters :)\\

It’s hard to write something creative about cement. I mean, it’s cement. Hard, unyielding cement. Cement that will only collapse when faced with extreme natural disasters.

But maybe, just maybe, that’s what I should write about, how cement can hold together a building after thousands of years, even though it’s just a mixture that’s fairly cheap. Or more accurately, how a cement metaphor can change, or maintain, things way bigger than buildings.

Less than a month to go before graduation. The time when I part with the 47 people I spent the last four years with, and then some. It’s more with us. Our teachers, the rest of the faculty, and the staff, even the lowerclassmen. They’re more than just people I pass on the corridors. They’re my family.

Now that my Onsemates and I are about to leave the hallowed halls of PSHS-IRC to further our education, there are seven things I would like everyone to remember. C. E. M. E. N. T.

Cherish. Cherish every moment in Pisay, every unguarded moment, every day with your sisters and brothers, your mentors, your second parents. It’s heartbreaking when you realize you’ve never made time for some of them. Even the JOs passing through the hall, even the FAD members you really don’t know. Well, take the chance to know them, then. I assure you, it will be worth it. Once you enter Pisay, you know your days there are numbered. Four years is really a short time to get to know everyone. But take the time to break down walls and barriers, and you get to spend the rest of your life with them.

Enjoy. Enjoy every day. High school isn’t the rest of your life—that’s college. High school is the time where you find yourself, where you make a fool of yourself, where you have fun and go crazy. It’s the peak of your youth, mga pare, mga brad, mga sis. It’s where you meet your best friends, where you form cliques, where you discover yourself, where you grow, where you learn, where you just let your hair down and have fun!

Maintain. And when you do graduate and get out of high school, you’ve gotta maintain these precious relationships with your second family. It’s one of the things you carry on for the rest of your life. Not money, not jewels, or riches. It’s not material. It’s…

Eternal. Enough said.

Never forget. These experiences are what will keep you sane when you finally become exposed to the crazy, wild world. Amidst all the hardships and craziness of life outside school, you find these memories, and you also find laughter, relaxation, you find yourself phoning a few friends—it is all of these that will keep you afloat for the rest of your life, because they’re…

Timeless. No one can complain that what you and your friends did was foolish, or out of date. It is the memory of it that matters, the ridiculous ventures you have experienced, the laughter it evokes, the bubbly feelings you feel. Hate to say it, but they’re going with you to your grave. J

See? Cement. It’s hard, unyielding, special, and true. It doesn’t come at a high price, but when mixed, it builds something that stands for centuries.

A Grain of Sand, A Speck of Dust, Whatever


I watched this animated movie a while back, Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who. It’s about an elephant who’s a doctor, and he can hear this whole entire world that is contained in a speck of dust. Or pollen. Or something like that. Either way, can you imagine it? An entirely new world in a speck of dust.

Which made me think, you know, about our planet. Of our galaxy, actually. And the whole space it belongs to. Because, what if we were a speck of sand to other beings. What if this world we live in is as small as a grain of sand to other intelligent beings out there.

Okay, I’m getting carried away. But it does put some things to perspective. How we’re probably not alone in this world, and how our biggest problems couldn’t even be imagined by others outside our species.

It does make things different, right? Most, if not all, of us here wish to leave something behind. A legacy, somewhat. Like Anne Frank and her diary. Stuff like that. But truth is, it’s hard enough to be known in this dog-eat-dog world, what more for other beings we haven’t or couldn’t contact. How would the entire planet, and everything beyond it, know that at one time, a girl named Patricia Danielle Yap, lived?

Face it, once the Sun explodes, all of us will be forgotten. Our planet won’t survive. Nothing will remain of us, may it be thousands or even millions of years after our death. In the end, nothing will be left behind. We will become obsolete.

That’s a scary prospect. For me, anyways. I’ve always been in the background. I didn’t want to shine. The spotlight’s for those who want it, after all. But I do want to be remembered. For doing what I do best, whatever that is. ’Cause although I’m already facing college, I still have no idea what I want to be. A princess or a fashion designer won’t cut it now that we’re older.

Plus, we’ve lived in a world where a lot of things come and go. Fashion, history, TV, technology, it comes in a blink of an eye, it goes away even faster than that. We try making it stay for as long as it can, if possible, we’d like for it to go on forever, but that’s the funny thing about life: At one point, you have to die. Apparently, that’s the way in which most things operate.

I think, before all this happens, and too much overthinking starts, we should just carpe the hell out of the diem every day. What better way to be recognized than by doing what you do best? Because, face it, we all want to shine, whether it’s obvious or not. So do what makes you shine, and follow your passion! Who needs to be remembered when we got these crazy memories to live with? Because a great time can never be forgotten.

I’ll admit, that is kind of scary. And a bit crazy, right? But what if I was right? What if all this was true? How will you make yourself known? How will you prevent everyone from forgetting you?


Even A Heart Has A Pointy Edge

\\SECOND TOPIC: Love Status. This was around Valentines, so go figure.\\



A Statement

To: Anyone Who Cares To Read
Fr: Me
Re: Special Subject LOVE

It is the opinion of this operative that the abovementioned topic is highly overrated and should totally be axed.

That is, if said operative were a floozy who just recently got dumped. Or just got unlucky in love.

Good thing she is neither.

Okay, enough with all the special ops crap. Truthfully? My love status: totally dead. Never lived, if you want to know. Not that it’s this big secret or something. Is being single such a crime?

With Valentines just passing by, the whole world’s left starstruck, and everyone’s still stuck on the romantic atmosphere and they’re all so crazy in love… not. For us singles, anyway.

Of course, there’s the occasional crush and that super gorgeous guy in the movies that you’d absolutely want to marry someday… but you know you won’t anyway. That’s the thing. We get so hung up on guys who we know we have no chance in heaven or hell to be with, just so we can ignore all those guys around us who, truth be told, are our perfect matches: you just gotta look around you.

But the thing is, we’re still kids. We have so much of our lives ahead of us. And we’ve still got to do a lot of things, like graduate college, deal with peer pressure, and the pressure to do good in school, and after that, look for a job. Then comes the ‘look for a guy to start a family with’ phase. And with all that to get through, I know it’s still years before I seriously start thinking about settling with a guy.

I know I sound defensive and bitter, but I’m not, really. I think it’s just because I’m afraid to look now. Because I can’t handle pressure well, and I hate disappointing people who expect so much of me. I don’t want to look because I know that I won’t be a hundred percent committed to it. And when I do come to love someone, I want to love him with all my heart, not just some puppy love that I forget over the years. Not one that I’ll pretend to do or feel just because I’m lonely.

I’ve seen a lot of heartbreaks. I read about them a lot, too. But for me, they’re merely conventions. The things we accept when they happen in books and movies though they never happen in real life. I mean, I see this happen in real life too, and I saw how much it actually hurts. Because these heartbreaks, however much people think it’s just drama, actually do break your heart. I think, mostly, that’s what I’m afraid of.

But definitely, one day when I’m free of all these baggage I come with, I’ll be open to love. When it comes knocking at my door, I won’t refuse, I won’t be ignorant; on the contrary, I’ll just be a normal ‘girl’ for once and go with the flow.

Though that’s like a hundred years from now. Okay, maybe ten. I’ll update then.

Au revoir for now!


It’s Not Enough to Write, We Need to Inform

\\FIRST TOPIC: Online Freedom of Expression\\

Ever had dilemmas like, “How do I let people know of my great idea to save the world?” or “How do I broadcast to the world what I think of this and that?”

Well, where’s the one place you know where people run rampant but happy all day, every day? No, it’s not the mall. Certainly isn’t school or work. Where, you ask? It’s where you are now: the Internet.

Everywhere you see, you see cell phones, gadgets, computers, and of course, the Internet. The world’s nothing nowadays without the technology that ‘rocks everybody’s world’. What used to be money that makes the world go round, is now technology.

One of our teachers recently conducted a school wide survey about environmental awareness. One of the questions there was, “What is your primary source of information?” Most of the survey forms I saw ticked off the Internet. This just goes to show that the Internet serves as a link for you and the rest of the world—a bond that connects people not only from different towns, but also across oceans and seas.

Let’s see. Since I’ve been active online, I…
[X] Contacted those elementary classmates I haven’t seen in 4 years.
[X] Saw what’s happening with my relatives on the other side of the world.
[X] Been able to react on crises around the world.
[X] Learned more about people I just passed on the halls and never exchanged a word with, and many more!

I admit I was unwilling at first. I hesitated to join social networks because I was afraid of embarrassing myself, of being humiliated for the way I think. But when the need to express myself became too much, I gave in, and I thought, “What the heck, it’s still a free country last time I checked. Plus, what’s life without a few embarrassing experiences, right?”

Suddenly, I was free to express myself. I was free to share to everyone what I knew. The Internet became a source of amusement, a plaything, but also a source of information, especially to those, like us PSHS-IRCers, with no other ready source of information like the television, newspapers, even radios.

From lines to links, I saw what the Internet is really capable of. I saw what I had been missing on. I saw the unity displayed by people from a dozen nations all over the world. I saw how TV news and other media used the Internet to spread information and gain popularity. But I also saw the bad side of the ‘net. I saw the lewd sites, the scattered scandals of people who are unaware, people who are innocent. I saw the victims of Internet porn, scandals, and malice shied away from the public eye, even as news programs and gossiping individuals sought to capture even one word from them. I saw how the plans of people seeking popularity backfired upon them, because of the methods they employed.

Even though I’m now an avid user of the Internet, I am still aware of these issues running rampant through cyberspace. I’m aware of what I write (or type, for this matter), and I accept the consequences I might get from it. But that’s the beauty of it, to have the freedom to write whatever you want, in a morally and socially acceptable manner. It’s why the Internet even exists for us netizens. For as we all know, too much of a good thing is always bad.

I think I speak for all the youth and the future generations when I say, a bad thing is not good for the world right now. Each of us have to do our parts in saving the world, whether it be through work, through programs, through info dissemination, or simply writing about it. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword. But let’s face it: you’d have to be a damn good writer so that what you write in paper can be seen by the whole world. What if you’re a kid, fresh with thoughts and outside-the-box ideas but shadowed by older, more experienced writers? Well, you have an alternative, you know. You’re here now. You’re in cyberspace where everyone in the world can see you. Where they can hear/read what you have to say. Don’t waste the opportunity to have your voice heard. Don’t pass up the chance, because who knows really? What we write now can actually save the world!


I’m scratching the plan.

So recap: here was what I was planning to do. There’s a couple of notes (actually, five) about my life that’s in my Facebook account that I would like the whole world to see.

These five Notes were the basis of my fourth quarter grade in my senior year elective, Journalism. Our topic was Web Casting but we just decided to write and post on the ‘Net. The notes that I’m going to post here are the products of my last three months in high school.

Every week, our teacher will announce a phrase/word that will dictate what we are going to write about, and since we needed people to respond to them, we decided that the quickest and easiest way for us to do that is to just post them on Facebook, where all our friends can read it.

I realized that the plan about the posts was a little sketchy, so I’ve decided to just put all of them in one extremely long post, with commentary and maybe a few pictures thrown in. So watch out for that ;)


-May 17, 2011 update-

I just realized how unpractical that^ is. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen them in a month, but when I looked again, each note was at least 1 MS Word page long. Which would make for an entirely boring (AND long) post. So, to make it more feasible, I’m just gonna post them individually, but at the same time. So you won’t have to wait and so you can comment on them individually :)