Lose the confusion πŸŒ™

Today, I drew my first ever tarot card. The Moon will always be special to me. πŸŒ™

Thank you to Labyrinthos’ Golden Tarot Deck for getting me started πŸ™‚


How the past 24 hours unfolded πŸ“š

I was searching for When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi for about a month now, since one of my professors gave us a short but sweet excerpt to read for class. Last night, I finally found a copy at Fully Booked Greenhills.

When I got home this afternoon, I made a to-be-read pile of books that I bought before but haven’t been able to read.

Then, I went online to look for moreΒ books that I can queue upΒ for when I have more money. I found all kinds of pre-loved books on sale online and I felt like all I had to do was wait until I had more money (way easier said than done)Β before all those treasures I coveted would finally be mine.

Lastly, just to be sure I had space for my new buys, I went around my bookshelves in the house — and lo and behold, found more than 10 books still waiting to be read!!!

I therefore conclude thatΒ I am trash for books and now I can’t figure out how to read all of these before classes start up again. 😭😭😭

If anything, though, I suspect that the next month would be anything but boring for me. πŸ˜πŸ“š

In the meantime…

Hey, sorry for not posting a lot of stuff the past two days. I’m working hard to finish a couple of sorta lengthy posts I have in my drafts, so stay tuned for that!

Meanwhile, enjoy this post from Buzzfeed that had me literally rolling on the bed laughing my heart out!

P.S. Please don’t politicize it. It was a funny post that made me laugh, not something I consider funny because it’s racist (which it is not). Enjoy!

Thoughts on my Funeral {Inspired by Naya Rivera’s cover of The Band Perry’s If I Die Young}

Naya/Santana’s cover of If I Die Young still brings chills to my heart. In my honest opinion, she sang it beautifully and she was able to convey her sadness about Cory/Finn’s passing quite convincingly.


Well, if I do die young, I wouldn’t want it to be a sad affair. I would want everybody to not mourn, but celebrate me – what kind of person I was, all the good I did, some funny stories. I just don’t want it to be sad, especially since I’m almost always an optimist (well, it depends who I’m talking to). Maybe a few band performances here, someone reading excerpts from my favourite books there, with people sharing their best memories with me sprinkled in between — I wouldn’t want anyone crying, because that’s something I do whenever I attend a funeral and it’s always painful and tiring, for both my heart and my eyes.

I’d want this reality to be a better one when I leave, and crying won’t help anything.

Rekindling my passion

I remember how fun writing essays and feature articles and short stories were for me, and how easily the words flowed from my mind to the pen/keyboard. At one time, I felt that if I could, I’d write forever. I don’t know what changed– it could have been my busy schedule jam-packed with academics, org and council duties, and whatnot — but I found myself writing less and less, until the prospect of having to write out what happened during the week seemed more of a chore than a hobby.

Now, I constantly look for writing tips around the Internet in the interest of rekindling my passion and love for writing.

If you’re anything like me, here’s a link to Ann Patchett's 7 Writing Tips so that you can gather some tips about writing, too. She even included links to tips given by award-winning authors such as C.S. Lewis and Margaret Atwood!


I’d have stopped writing years ago if it were for the money.
– Paulo Coelho

Neapolitan Zebra Cheesecake

I hope I don’t burn the house down when I attempt making this (sometime during the break, I swear!)

This marvelous creation from Overtime Cook got me drooling in less than a minute!
This marvelous creation from Overtime Cook got me drooling in less than a minute!

Click to see the recipe: Overtime Cook’s Neapolitan Zebra Cheesecake

β€œCake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!”
― C. JoyBell C.