Lose the confusion 🌙

Today, I drew my first ever tarot card. The Moon will always be special to me. 🌙

Thank you to Labyrinthos’ Golden Tarot Deck for getting me started 🙂


I’ve decided to accept the reality of my being—for now, at least. Right now, I’m just one of countless med students struggling to cope with sleep deprivation and academics. I’m one of the countless students who are not sure if they should leave the profession. I’m one of countless lost souls trying to figure out if they like what they’re doing.

Nonetheless, I’ve decided to have a positive outlook for now and just recognize how lucky I am that I’m still here. I know a lot would kill for where I am.

I will strive to remain #hearthappy until I can no longer bear it.


Is this a slump or just an exacerbation of wanderlust?

I’ve been listless the past couple of weeks, and no matter what I do, I just can’t get back to the groove of being a med student.

Over Christmas break, I took a week to travel to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia, and to Saigon in Vietnam. I thought that a vacation was just the thing I needed to set my mind straight on focusing on med school, but I think I was mistaken.

Over that week, I met people who showed me that it was possible to put your life on pause and travel the world to gain perspective. And if it’s one thing I’m sure I’m missing, it’s that. Perspective.

This piece is very spur of the moment, and so I’m not sure if I really want to expound on that bit. Maybe a part of me is afraid that if I explore that thought, I won’t be able to follow through on my commitment to be a doctor. And maybe the fact that I was able to write that just now tells me something that I’m not quite sure I’m ready to admit—to myself and to the world. 

Pressed flowers

I found some cherry blossoms from last year’s Japan trip. We went during sakura season so the sakura were all in full bloom. It’s frowned upon in Japan (and frankly, should be everywhere else in the world) to pick blossoms from the trees, so I just took them from the ground. These were some of the ones that weren’t trampled completely. I remember putting them into this notebook so that I can have pressed blossoms, but I completely forgot about them until tonight.

‘Till next time, Japan!

I feel like seeing the blossoms again is sort of poetic, since I’ll be leaving home again in a few days to explore a familiar, but still fairly new place. The greatest city in the world awaits me. Time for a new adventure.