1. Learn How To Cook. So easy to say, but so hard to do, especially when the cooking oil jumps and tries to kill you whenever you fry something. And I gotta start small! I mean, I only learned how to confidently microwave something a few summers ago!

2. Travel to a foreign country. Without my parents. With my sister or cousins is fine, but please. No grown-ups for once — or at least no one older than 30. They should let us leave the nest once in a while, too.

3. Learn how to drive. Can I say it outright here? I hate commuting! And before you judge me for my strong preferences regarding mode of travel, may I just ask – have you ever commuted in Metro Manila before? I swear, I’ve lost 10 years of my life to the close calls made by jeepney drivers who think they’re driving Ferraris. Not to mention inhaling all that smog… There are actually studies that say the air in some parts of EDSA is cancerous!

4. Participate in a photoshoot. I’ve made Pinterest boards for my photoshoot pegs. But I don’t really have a great desire to be photographed. I’d like to be able to do the photograph-ing in this situation. I’m also saving up for my first DSLR cam! I would’ve preferred a GoPro but I fear that it would be wasted on me… I’m not really one for extreme action, especially if it involves heights!!!

Sound off!

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