REBLOG: Why I Chose Psychiatry As My Specialty

It’s a thing that they keep telling us in med school — to never forget the person behind the disease when checking our patients. This was definitely worth the read!

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{Rancho Cucamonga, California}

I am often asked why I chose psychiatry as my specialty, yet as one of my readers pointed out, I’ve never described my reasoning in a blogpost!  So here goes my short story of why I chose the path to become a psychiatrist…

The time to solidify your choice in medical specialty and apply for residency training programs occurs during the Fall of the 4th (and final) year of medical school.  Students have various reasons for choosing a specific specialty, some knowing which specialty they wanted to go into since childhood, others typically contemplative until right before application season.  Some people even change their minds in the midst of residency training and decide to switch specialties.

As a medical student, I attended most class lectures, yet spent majority of the time passively writing notes while chatting on instant messenger.  However, when it came to psychiatry, I woke up every morning with excitement to attend each lecture (quite unheard of since…

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Author: Tracey Yap

Rantings of a raving med student

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