I’m a frustrated artist. I’m a frustrated  dancer. I’m a frustrated gymnast. I’m a frustrated pianist.

I now regret wanting out of all those piano lessons, ballet and gymnastics training sessions, and those painting classes when I was a kid. I even regret going to swimming class for only one summer. Kinda wondering what I’d be now if I pursued all of those. I might not even be studying science right now(wow, there’s a thought!)

*Sigh*. So many regrets.

*Going back to browsing artists’ tumblrs and various blogs and thinking about saving up for an Instax or a DSLR camera and playing Pottermore*

On another note, who knows an effective way of saving money? Because I just pretty much store it in my wallet so I’m more prone to impulsive buying and that’s bad. THAT’S. BAD.


Author: Tracey Yap

Rantings of a raving med student

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