Exercise Day 2

I can’t believe it’s only the second day since I decided to have 15-or-more-minute exercises integrated into my daily life. I’ve 20% given up already (but I can’t because I have to lose all the weight I’m gaining from the food that my grandma wants me to eat–which I keep eating hahaha).

On the bright side, I actually managed a longer exercise time today. I managed to dance-workout (is that a word?) for 30+ minutes today! I actually planned for a 10-minute full body workout–the video of which I found on YouTube–but I decided not to finish it after five failed attempts at doing Rainbow Planks (I just found myself lying down on my side, unable to get back up to proper position). Please, I can’t even do a proper plank for longer than five seconds. Heck, I can’t even do one push-up!! Hence, I decided to look for another Zumba vid, the next part of the video I danced to yesterday. I probably lost my breath 10 minutes in, so I cut it to 15 minutes from its original 25 minutes. Getting frustrated at not being able to do a proper workout (NEVER THOUGHT I’D SAY THAT BEFORE), I looked for other videos, and found one ‘for dummies’ HAHAHA I knew right away that it was the one for me. However, it was 45-minutes long, so I just followed the woman on the video until I couldn’t function properly anymore, and just flopped onto the floor trying to catch my breath.

Well, one thing I know for certain—my core strength is virtually non-existent. As in zero, zip, zilch, nada (well, not worth commenting on, that’s for sure). And it, as well as my thighs, is probably gonna hurt like hell tomorrow (after those plank side walks. Gahhhhh).

Wish me luck tomorrow T_T



Author: Tracey Yap

Rantings of a raving med student

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