A few of my favorite things


1. When it’s raining outside and you’re (a) looking at the raindrops fall down the window like you’re in a music video (b) reading a good book while dining (c) surfing the net for pleasure

(c) Buzzfeed
I’d love one of these babies~ (c) Buzzfeed

2. Falling asleep to the pitter-patter of the rain, and the distant flash of lightning ang boom of thunder

3. People-watching

4. Listening to my favorite playlists while commuting home (you get to feel the breeze without hearing all the shouting and noise pollution)

5. Finding a really good fanfiction that you wish another fanfiction was written about the first one

6. Chancing upon a rerun of an old favorite TV show [Friends/Kim Possible]

7. Curling up with a new book at the bookstore because you don’t have enough money

8. When you FINALLY buy that book you’ve spent a month saving up for

9. Reading fanfics during class and losing yourself in it that you don’t realize you’re already dismissed [bad influence]

10. Thinking up stories about your future 20 years from now — complete with a mansion, cute kids, and a really good-looking (currently faceless) husband :)

11. Seeing old friends randomly

12. Letting loose on karaoke night

13. When you’re bonding with your family (immediate and extended), preferably without gadgets

HAHAHA gadgets were involved in this one
HAHAHA gadgets were involved in this one!

14. Getting unexpectedly high grades :)

15. Writing about anything and everything under the sun

16. Impromptu heart-to-hearts

17. Take-out

18. Fast WiFi

19. Running Man!

20. Harry Potter (books+movies+interviews+fandom)


Author: Tracey Yap

Rantings of a raving med student

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