How are y’all doing? … Good? Well that’s good to know (whatever your answer was) … What about me? Oh, how kind of you to ask!!!!

(lame segue, but I just wanted to let you have an insight to my life!)

Well, I’m currently on my semestral break (FINALLY) and so far, it’s going swimmingly :) :) :)

Today was the first day that I woke up in the morning (!!!), since I am a firm believer that on vacations, you sleep late and wake up late. That’s how you enjoy life, my friends. Hahaha I should probably add a disclaimer stating that this only goes for night owls like me, and not early birds like certain people around me (ahem ahem everyone in my family ahem ahem).

I’m in the province now because I haven’t gone home here since April and I miss my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my goddaughter, and all my little cousins (who are not so little anymore — WHERE DID THE TIME GOOOOOO)!!!! So far, I’ve gotten new glasses, made appointments for my teeth (with my tito lol), my glasses (they’re so hipster), and my hair (only a haircut, and possibly something for my frizzy hair)! I’ll also be going to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in a couple of days to finally get my learner’s permit. Hopefully, I can cross #3 off my bucketlist soon :))

(PLUS POINTS ABOUT THE PROVINCE: The Internet here is really really really fast–maybe because it’s only my mum and me, but I’m not complaining hehehe– so fast, that I’ve been able to catch up on my TV shows by downloading episodes, and I’ve also been able to read House of Hades and re-read my favorite magazine way back when, W.I.T.C.H.! I really don’t need to go anywhere exotic for sem break. Home’s super super enough for me!)

Aside from that, I was able to start organizing my extra-curriculars for next sem (and by organizing, I mean making numerous to-do lists). I was so busy during the first sem, what with the application process of my org, UP MBBS, that I thought I wouldn’t be doing much for second sem. As a result, I volunteered in so many things that I really hope I wouldn’t be spreading myself too thin. Right now, I’m:

(a) heading one event for College of Science (CS) Week (yes, I’m part of the college council)
(b) heading one committee for UP MBBS’s DeSCIpher
(c) have many tasks lined up for our institute, NIMBB (yes, I’m an assistant institute representative), and
(d) a lot of environment- and community- related tasks for my committee in the college council (ECDC, waddup yo!)
(e) Before I forget, I have to do marketing for the CS Carolfest this December!, and…
(f) Last but not the least, be the Assistant Head of the Internals Committee in UP MBBS (this includes managing membership in the org, as well as fostering camaraderie — yup, right up my alley!!)

All of that, waiting to greet me on November. AND that’s not counting my academic load (18 units full of majors and lab classes, we meet again).

But it’s all worth it, this hard work, because at least I’m doing something that I actually want to do.

So don’t blame me for wanting some intense rest and relaxation this break. I have to save up my energy to take the whole world college by storm next semester!

I also decided to stay in the province until November 3, primarily because I want some quality bonding time with my cousins and my goddaughter, who are growing up far quicker than I anticipated. I wanna cuddle with mah babies before they get too old to do so. That, and so my grandparents can look after me, which I know they love doing despite the fact that I’m already 18 years old.

I guess this break is really what I needed after that sem of stress and bone-deep fatigue and before the coming sem of more stress and bone-deep fatigue. Oh well, you’re only young once, so might as well make the most of it!

(And I know you’re reading this, Ma, so don’t worry because I won’t let my acads suffer. That’s a promise!)

For now, let’s go back to a time, possibly the last time, I was stress-free:

That's me at the middle!
That’s me at the middle!

Kidding (or not)


Author: Tracey Yap

Rantings of a raving med student

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