\\TOPIC FOUR: CEMENT. This one boggled our minds, really. I decided to dedicate mine to my beloved batchmates, PSHS-IRC Batch 2011. Even though we have only known each other for four years, we already consider ourselves brothers and sisters :)\\

It’s hard to write something creative about cement. I mean, it’s cement. Hard, unyielding cement. Cement that will only collapse when faced with extreme natural disasters.

But maybe, just maybe, that’s what I should write about, how cement can hold together a building after thousands of years, even though it’s just a mixture that’s fairly cheap. Or more accurately, how a cement metaphor can change, or maintain, things way bigger than buildings.

Less than a month to go before graduation. The time when I part with the 47 people I spent the last four years with, and then some. It’s more with us. Our teachers, the rest of the faculty, and the staff, even the lowerclassmen. They’re more than just people I pass on the corridors. They’re my family.

Now that my Onsemates and I are about to leave the hallowed halls of PSHS-IRC to further our education, there are seven things I would like everyone to remember. C. E. M. E. N. T.

Cherish. Cherish every moment in Pisay, every unguarded moment, every day with your sisters and brothers, your mentors, your second parents. It’s heartbreaking when you realize you’ve never made time for some of them. Even the JOs passing through the hall, even the FAD members you really don’t know. Well, take the chance to know them, then. I assure you, it will be worth it. Once you enter Pisay, you know your days there are numbered. Four years is really a short time to get to know everyone. But take the time to break down walls and barriers, and you get to spend the rest of your life with them.

Enjoy. Enjoy every day. High school isn’t the rest of your life—that’s college. High school is the time where you find yourself, where you make a fool of yourself, where you have fun and go crazy. It’s the peak of your youth, mga pare, mga brad, mga sis. It’s where you meet your best friends, where you form cliques, where you discover yourself, where you grow, where you learn, where you just let your hair down and have fun!

Maintain. And when you do graduate and get out of high school, you’ve gotta maintain these precious relationships with your second family. It’s one of the things you carry on for the rest of your life. Not money, not jewels, or riches. It’s not material. It’s…

Eternal. Enough said.

Never forget. These experiences are what will keep you sane when you finally become exposed to the crazy, wild world. Amidst all the hardships and craziness of life outside school, you find these memories, and you also find laughter, relaxation, you find yourself phoning a few friends—it is all of these that will keep you afloat for the rest of your life, because they’re…

Timeless. No one can complain that what you and your friends did was foolish, or out of date. It is the memory of it that matters, the ridiculous ventures you have experienced, the laughter it evokes, the bubbly feelings you feel. Hate to say it, but they’re going with you to your grave. J

See? Cement. It’s hard, unyielding, special, and true. It doesn’t come at a high price, but when mixed, it builds something that stands for centuries.


Author: Tracey Yap

Rantings of a raving med student

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