A Grain of Sand, A Speck of Dust, Whatever


I watched this animated movie a while back, Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who. It’s about an elephant who’s a doctor, and he can hear this whole entire world that is contained in a speck of dust. Or pollen. Or something like that. Either way, can you imagine it? An entirely new world in a speck of dust.

Which made me think, you know, about our planet. Of our galaxy, actually. And the whole space it belongs to. Because, what if we were a speck of sand to other beings. What if this world we live in is as small as a grain of sand to other intelligent beings out there.

Okay, I’m getting carried away. But it does put some things to perspective. How we’re probably not alone in this world, and how our biggest problems couldn’t even be imagined by others outside our species.

It does make things different, right? Most, if not all, of us here wish to leave something behind. A legacy, somewhat. Like Anne Frank and her diary. Stuff like that. But truth is, it’s hard enough to be known in this dog-eat-dog world, what more for other beings we haven’t or couldn’t contact. How would the entire planet, and everything beyond it, know that at one time, a girl named Patricia Danielle Yap, lived?

Face it, once the Sun explodes, all of us will be forgotten. Our planet won’t survive. Nothing will remain of us, may it be thousands or even millions of years after our death. In the end, nothing will be left behind. We will become obsolete.

That’s a scary prospect. For me, anyways. I’ve always been in the background. I didn’t want to shine. The spotlight’s for those who want it, after all. But I do want to be remembered. For doing what I do best, whatever that is. ’Cause although I’m already facing college, I still have no idea what I want to be. A princess or a fashion designer won’t cut it now that we’re older.

Plus, we’ve lived in a world where a lot of things come and go. Fashion, history, TV, technology, it comes in a blink of an eye, it goes away even faster than that. We try making it stay for as long as it can, if possible, we’d like for it to go on forever, but that’s the funny thing about life: At one point, you have to die. Apparently, that’s the way in which most things operate.

I think, before all this happens, and too much overthinking starts, we should just carpe the hell out of the diem every day. What better way to be recognized than by doing what you do best? Because, face it, we all want to shine, whether it’s obvious or not. So do what makes you shine, and follow your passion! Who needs to be remembered when we got these crazy memories to live with? Because a great time can never be forgotten.

I’ll admit, that is kind of scary. And a bit crazy, right? But what if I was right? What if all this was true? How will you make yourself known? How will you prevent everyone from forgetting you?



Author: Tracey Yap

Rantings of a raving med student

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