My first ever up and working blog.  And I know that technically, my Tumblr is a blog, but I mean something with a bit more me in it, and not just some posts that I happen to like and reblog, etc. etc. I want something that people will see as exclusively mine. Just me. Period.

As of this moment, I will consider this my autobiography, Tumblr my dreams, Twitter my musings-slash-mouth, and Facebook as the avenue for the necessary daily human interaction. Feel free to follow/be friends with me :)

Since I’m not having a case of itchy fingers yet, I’m gonna kick off this blog with posts I have written before, but did not have a chance to share with most people. For example, my Facebook notes. While public, only people I’m friends with can access it. But I want my works to be read by everyone, so there.

Basically, this is gonna be like a ‘dump site’ (but not for trash) for the first few posts, but you won’t know that since there’s a very high possibility that I am not FB friends with you (And I realize that comment is moot because the only reason you’re ever gonna be reading this is if I advertise it first in one of the above-mentioned accounts).




Author: Tracey Yap

Rantings of a raving med student

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